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Why is hiOsilver Oxygen Water changing to O2Cool Oxygen Water?


Over the years, there have been some consumers who have wondered if hiOsilver contains silver.  There are some products sold that contain "colloidal silver".  hiOsilver/O2Cool contains no silver.  Some of our distributors and stores asked us to change the product name to something that would avoid this confusion.  So, we agreed to make this change.

We hope that you like the new name, as we have gotten lots of positive feedback on the new name.  The labels are new, but the water and oxygen inside the bottle will be the same.  We will use our old hiOsilver bottle caps until they run out, to help people see that we are still selling the same great water.  We are keeping the corporate name hiOsilver, for now, but we plan to change that in the future.

Hopefully the store where you buy hiOsilver Oxygen Water will make the switch over to the new label smoothly.  If you cannot find O2Cool or hiOsilver on the shelf, then please ask the store to order it back in.  The new label will be available from our distributors approximately March 20, 2008.

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