There is one company that is intentionally misleading the public, claiming that their oxygenated water provides superior hydration to other waters.  The label on this bottled water says that it contains "Molecularly Structured Purified Drinking Water".  ALL water is made of molecules and is, therefore, Molecularly Structured.  Purified Drinking Water means tap water that is run through a process called reverse osmosis (RO).  Reverse Osmosis removes contaminants, but it also removes valuable minerals.  The water company adds a little oxygen and puts the water into a plastic bottle.  There are no other ingredients.  There is no magic process because all water molecules are the same.

Consider this product comparison:

  hiOsilver Oxygen Water Penta Hydrate Super Pro O2Go Water
Oxygen mg/l (same as parts per million) 55 19 15
Water spring water tap water run through reverse osmosis distilled tap water
Bottle glass PETE plastic PETE plastic
Magnesium, mg/l 90 0 0
pH 8.4 7.0 7.0

Which water do you think is likely to be better for you?
All 3 of the above waters hydrate your body equally well.  With hiOsilver, you get much more oxygen and you get magnesium, an essential electrolyte, important for optimal cardio-vascular health.  hiOsilver believes that a mineral-rich spring water, protected from contamination, is superior to any water run through reverse osmosis.

A few words about plastic bottles:  Have you ever noticed a plastic taste with water from a plastic bottle?  There are chemicals that can leach out of plastic into the water.  A group of these chemicals are called phthalates, and phthalates are suspected to be endocrine disruptors.  Some studies by researchers reporting in Environmental Health Perspectives magazine may make you think twice about drinking water out of a plastic bottle.