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Here's what some of our customers are saying:


"hiOsilver really hit the spot after my workouts.  I particularly noticed its effects on my recovery time."

Giddeon Massie, champion track cyclist (3 time World Championship Team member)


"I have been drinking 8 bottles of hiOsilver water per day since February.  The best part about this water is that I now have uncompromised energy. I match the best of my colleagues 25 years younger than myself.  (a 38 year old co-worker asked me out thinking I was 32).....and also asked me for a bottle! . . . Thanks again for making this wonderful product.   It has literally saved not only my life but also my job!  "      

Laurel, Pleasonton, CA


"Hi, just wanted to commend you on providing a fabulous product and for doing so with integrity.  I keep reading how good water should never be in plastic and that more oxygen is needed in today's water, but where can you find these?  You have both in one product--not to mention more magnesium, which I also need to supplement.  I'm so glad I found hiOsilver (at Whole Foods, San Diego)!

Bob Anderson, San Diego, CA


"I used to drink one of the other oxygenated waters that came in a plastic bottle.  It was better than nothing, but it did not always give me the boost I was looking for during a race.  Now that I am drinking hiOsilver Oxygen Water, I always seem to have extra energy and my 10K times have improved.  I really like the fact that I can see the bubbles coming out of your water.  The other oxygenated waters were kind of flat and I always wondered how much oxygen they really had."

Karen, Colorado Springs, CO


"My wife and I frist started using HiOsilver last year.  Our first taste was on the morning of a repeat 800-meter workout.  I was used to running 2:58, then about 3:06, then about 3:12.  My wife's personal best had been about 3:45 for 800 meters.

After we each drank one bottle of HiOsilver, I ran 2:56, 2:58 and 2:58.  My wife ran a 3:28 personal best!  Thanks!"

John Rodriguez, Houston, TX



"I felt the magnesium was especially helpful.  hiOsilver makes my training easier than it should be."

Jeff LaBauve, champion track cyclist (ranked 7th in the world based on World Cup Sprint ranking)


"Dear Folks,
    Your water is terrific! I am a book distributor to 300 schools in the Inland Empire(around Ontario,Ca) and the San Gabriel Valley(Pasadena,Ca) I was unloading 23 cases of books and gift items today & was really dragging. I popped out my hiOsilver Oxygen Water and blasted it down. I was immediately energized and knocked out unloading and tagging items in an hour and a half.   You can use my comments as a testamonial....I am a true believer. Thanks again!. Sincerely, "

Stef Howard The Book Lady


"Thank you so much for this great product!   I have noticed that I do not have as much indigestion or gas anymore and my breath is fresher longer.  I usually drink a bottle when I get to work, lunch time and once with dinner."

Ren, Orlando, FL

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